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Am I paying too much VAT?

There is no simple answer to this question. In all cases, we recommend a FREE VAT appraisal to establish:

  • if you are VAT compliant.
  • if you pay too much VAT and, if so, how much you can claim back from HMRC.
  • if your VAT system can be improved to prevent future overpayments.

If I am due a refund from HMRC how many years can I go back and claim the overpaid VAT? 

Normally, four years but in some exceptional cases up to 10 years.

How am I protected from HMRC when I engage Audiology Business Central to undertake any necessary VAT services?

Audiology Business Central will certify your implemented system as fully compliant in accordance with VAT guidance and law. We will agree, for a discounted fee, to attend any VAT inspection with regards to any issue brought about by our intervention in your VAT affairs.

You may be concerned that Audiology Business Central will step on your accountants’ toes. On the contrary, we will be working with them to make sure you are claiming the correct way for the future. This is a win-win situation for both of you.

To activate your free VAT review today, call our team on 0161 929 8389, or email

We have provided VAT advice to independent healthcare professionals since 1985. Many practices have suboptimal systems leading to significant overpayments of tax. Our experts have negotiated substantial rebates with HMRC on behalf of clients and introduced methodologies that achieve future savings. Our VAT expert specialises in the independent healthcare market and was previously a senior inspector with HMRC.