Improving the health, wealth, and happiness of hearcare professionals

Improving the health, wealth, and happiness of hearcare professionals

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There is no hiding from it, the UK Audiology market is changing fast. New technology, cost pressures on the delivery of NHS hearing services and the entrance of significant new operators - with amazing marketing skills and massive expansion plans - mean that the UK audiology sector is in a massive state of flux.

Armed with the right knowledge and advice, we can assist in ensuring you thrive in this ever-changing market, providing a range of services for all audiology professionals.

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Seven ways to improve your work life balance

Seven ways to improve your work life balance

1.    Accept Accountability & Responsibility

There is a direct correlation between the feeling of being happy and of being in control.  Your work-life balance as a practice owner is of your own making; it is a direct reflection of the choices you have made.  Unfortunately, there isn’t a magic fix, it is down to you to accept responsibility and take the necessary steps to move forward.

2.    Living your life by design

Map out clearly what you want and commit it to paper.  Consider very carefully the following:
•    Your Sense of purpose/job/role satisfaction
•    Your family and other key relationships
•    Your health
•    Your income and net worth
•    Your life goals

Accept that creating a great life requires compromises.  Time Vs. money has been a conundrum for time immemorial.  Moving forward, plan to invest in your relationship and your home life and as much as you do your career.

Don’t fall into the traditional ‘pot of gold at the end of the rainbow’ delayed gratification life plan myth. The journey needs to be as enjoyable as the destination.
end of the day.  Continuously reviewing your performance is important – it shows what tasks you succeeded in achieving and what the next steps should be.

3.    A little investment goes a long way

Achieving a successful work-life balance takes sustained discipline and improving this balance often involves making short-term sacrifices.
For example, the initial process of delegation is significantly harder than just doing the job yourself.
Yet the outcome and net benefit can be truly transformational.  Find and invest five extra hours to systemise and delegate a function that normally takes two hours of your time each week, and in the course of the next year, you have gained more than 100 hours.
You are in control and are shaping the business, not the other way round – that is a subtle but significant difference.

4.    Time is a currency, learn to value it and spend it wisely

Think about the highest value use of your time?  Use your time efficiently by building systems and improve your business.  Understand the value of the chair time in your practice and keep a careful eye on MECS and other schemes to ensure they don’t displace more profitable work.
Having too much to do can result in poor performance.  The solution is to do less and do it better.  Focus on the highest value or most important areas and delegate the lower value areas. Both inside and outside of work, compartmentalise your time and focus 100% on the thing you are doing.
Both inside and outside of work, compartmentalise your time and focus 100% on the thing you are doing.
Be disciplined and book in quality time with children and partner and be conscious to try to remove the distraction of smartphones and laptops. If you do need to bring work home, work in one room in the house.  Get it done and then close the door on it.

5.   Seek to control what you can, not what you can’t work home, work in one room in the house.  Get it done and then close the door on it.

There are inevitable ups and downs as your journey unfolds:  you cannot control every throw of the dice.  Priorities will change with your “age and stage.”  A typical adult suffers some form of major challenge in their life an average of once every quarter.   As a business owner, you have a wealth of people who depend on you and who you depend on, so the number of challenges you face is higher than normal;
It is important to accept there are some things that you cannot control.  Focus your energy on the aspects of your life that you can influence and try not to worry about those you cannot.

6.    Look after yourself

It is no good prioritising your business goals to the detriment of your body and wellbeing.   Your mental diet is as equally important as your physical one in this regard.  Make sure you are selective with what you dwell on and surround yourself with positive people.
Success and drive are infectious you will spur each other on to greater things.

7.    Create a new routine – work at it until it forms a habit

It is easy enough to get fired up and excited about the prospect of improving your life but the hard part is sticking with it.  Old patterns die hard and new ones are tricky to form.  Read your list of goals and key immediate tasks every morning to keep you on track.  Keep a copy on you or on your phone and read it again at lunchtime and again towards the end of the day.  Continuously reviewing your performance is important – it shows what tasks you succeeded in achieving and what the next steps should be.


If you would like further advice on how to streamline your business and empower your staff to allow you to improve your work life balance, please give our consultancy team a call on 0161 929 8389. 



We have just completed on the sale of a growing audiology business in Essex. The vendor required a quick sale due to health reasons and we were able to match him with a ready and waiting buyer, as well as facilitating the deal from start to finish.

If you are considering buying or selling an audiology business, why not give us a call via 0161 929 8389 for a 100% free and confidential discussion about how we can help.



NEW LISTING: Audiology practice for sale in Essex!

NEW LISTING: Audiology practice for sale in Essex!

We are inviting offers for an audiology business in Essex, which the owner is selling for retirement/health reasons.

We believe there is significant and genuine scope for growth and improved business performance. The terms are flexible and the vendor is willing to discuss a consultancy handover period in order to transfer the goodwill to the new owner.

To see the full details please click here.

We recommend an early expression of interest to avoid disappointment! Please call Audiology Business Central on 0161 929 8389.

Are you happy with your job?

Are you happy with your job?

Whether you work in the public or private healthcare sector, only the most competent and proactive audiologists can operate free of politics within their organisation.

Within the NHS, ever-evolving strategies are being deployed by management and commissioning bodies to play the Westminster targets game; a highly frustrating distraction from focusing on helping people and implementing the specialist skillset you trained to practice.

Elsewhere, the larger the private company, the higher the chance of internal politics. In private hearcare, targets, policies and territories can change at the drop of a hat- greatly affecting both earning potential and day to day experience of actually doing the job.

Whilst a job is a means to an end, it should be so much more. However, no matter how good you are at your role, sometimes you have to be proactive and circumnavigate the politics. Sometimes you have to make a change.

If you find yourself going through the motions and don’t currently love what you’re doing enough to want to be the best at it, it is time to get out, or at least formulate a plan for change. Your current working life is not a rehearsal for something else!

Is it time for a change? 

Use the table below to reflect on current situation, to review your options and ascertain what your next move should be.

It is critical to be completely honest about where any career dissatisfaction is coming from.


Suggested Next Step

Is it the nature of the job? Could it be that you have truly and irreversibly fallen out of love with it and audiology is now the wrong career choice for you?


A complete change of career at any age is a major life-changing event. Most hearing professionals have bills to pay and dependents to support. A complete change of career is likely to involve studying to achieve new qualifications and time to acquire experience in the new field, before you can expect to earn anything like you currently earn.

If it is the right thing to do, then this it is going to take hard work and short-medium term sacrifice, but it is eminently achievable if approached pragmatically and in a structured way. For resources to help explore this further go to

Is it the nature of the business/practicing environment that you work in that is the problem?


If you love your patient-facing work, but feel underappreciated or under-rewarded by your employer, then it is time for a change.  Depending on where the problem lies, it may be time to have an honest face to face conversation with your boss. It may be possible to renegotiate your terms of employment and/or deployment.

If it is genuinely a cultural/political problem then it is time to find a new job. Further details of how to approach this can be found in this article, after this table.

Perhaps the blame lies closer to home and it is partly your own mental attitude and approach to work that is letting you down? Sometimes it is easier to blame circumstances and everyone else, when a large part of the dissatisfaction at work may lie firmly on your own shoulders. In life, even the most successful professionals can’t operate 100% in all areas, all of the time; life is not always a bed of roses and sometimes we can fall below the high standards we set for ourselves. Before making any major career-changing decisions, make sure that your own house is in good order. Set yourself a target to review your own performance and attitude for the next month. If you are genuinely giving it everything and are being positive and proactive and still feel unhappy then and only then is it definitely time for a change.  Further ideas on how to get yourself back into peak performance can be found at

How to approach the search for a new hearcare job

Whilst a change is as good as a rest, you don’t want to jump ship from one set of employer’s shortcomings straight into another sub-optimal working environment.

A key to fast-tracking the right opportunity is to identify the right company and the right boss. You should aim to work within a culture that respects high-calibre people and practices pay for performance.

The best companies to work for are dynamic, growing, ones open to new ideas, and full of opportunities for people with ambition initiative and integrity. Getting in early with this type of company makes you a key player and a person of significance to the management, rather than just another number.

With a rapidly aging population, and increasing synergy between audiology and optometry, there are more options for hearcare professional than ever before.

For the purists and the brave, one way to truly avoid politics and to live or die by your results is to go it alone by starting up your own hearcare business. Watch this space for articles and resources on this subject in the very near future.

For a free, confidential consultation about new employment opportunities or if you would like to talk about the possibility of starting your own audiology business then give call Dominic Watson of Audiology Business Central today via 0161 929 8389.